Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lost Draw Cellars - 2014 Arroyo Rojo

Arroyo Rojo is a great intro to Lost Draw Cellar's wines and gives a good snapshot of the state of Texas wines.  With Lost Draw Cellar's ties to Lost Draw Vineyards and the High Plains AVA as a whole, this wine gives a glimpse of what's next for Texas wines.  The 2014 is made up of a blend of three red Mediterranean grape varieties that tend to thrive in Texas, with a dash of Viognier.  Mourvedre takes the lead with 40% of the blend, and I think Mourvedre-heavy blends will cement themselves as regular offering from Texas wineries in the future.

Strawberry and dried cranberry on the nose.  On the palate it starts with dried cranberry, and dried black cherry, then some blackberry and a smokey note; Medium body, Medium tannins, Medium-plus acidity

Composition: 40% Mourvedre, 30% Carignan, 27% Grenache, 3% Viognier; Texas High Plains AVA

Price: We found a great sale at the Fredericksburg HEB, so we picked up this bottle for $19.  HEB regular price is about $24.

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