Thursday, February 2, 2017

Torr Na Lochs - 2014 Dolcetto

I think this was our first Texas Dolcetto, and we look forward to trying more.  We picked up this bottle last fall when we visited Torr Na Lochs.  If you have a chance to visit them, definitely do so.  The wines are very good across the board, and the views are stunning.  Lots of dark berry and a little pepper on the nose.  Dense blackberry, blueberry, and dark cherry carry through the palate with dark fruit on the finish.  Full body with lighter tannins and medium acidity.  13.9%  ABV.  The full body and fruit forward character of this wine make it a good bottle for California Zinfandel fans to try.

Composition: Dolcetto from the Texas High Plains AVA
Price:  $30 at Torr Na Lochs in Burnet, TX

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