Saturday, December 3, 2016

Total Wine: Guide to Wine

Title:  Total Wine & More: Guide to Wine
Price: Free at Total Wine and More, Houston Willowbrook location

Total Wine opened their first store in the Houston area about a month ago, so I recently had to stop by to check their their selection of Texas Wines.  They have a pretty good selection, including some Brennan Vineyards and Kiepersol Vineyards bottles I haven't seen at wine retailers on the NW side of Houston.  Their prices are fairly aggressive across the Texas wine section, some the best I've seen.  It's good to see a new retail outlet for Texas wines in the Houston market.  

While I was there I picked up their complementary Guide to Wine.  It's a fairly comprehensive book that covers winemaking process, many grape varieties, and lots of information on winemaking regions.  The maps even get very specific.  Yes, there's an advertisement aspect to the guide, but it's well done, easy to follow, and overall very informative.  There's no Texas section yet, but Virginia gets a spot, so they are paying attention to regions that are growing.  I look forward to seeing a Texas section before too long.

There's also an online version for easy reference.

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