Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saddlehorn Winery - 2013 Black Spanish

Saddlehorn Winery - 2013 Black Spanish

Composition:  Estate Black Spanish

Price: $19.95 at Saddlehorn Winery in Burton, TX

Notes:  Red fruit, primarily fresh cherry initially, followed by some black pepper and earthiness.  Dry with medium body and tannins.  This is an interesting wine since we don't see a lot of dry varietal wines made from the Black Spanish grape, as it has been used a lot more in port-style wines in the past.  Black Spanish is hybrid grape, not from traditional grapevine lineage used in wine making, that has a natural resistance to some of the common pests and diseases that are threats to the traditional wine grape varieties.  Because of this Black Spanish is a good option in areas where the climate and other environmental factors make typical vines difficult to grow successfully.  This is definitely the case in some areas of Texas.  These wines do have a unique flavor profile, so give them a try if you'd like to try something new.  Saddlehorn Winery's dry Black Spanish is an excellent place to start.   

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