Monday, May 23, 2016

Bending Branch Winery - Thinkers Blend

Bending Branch Winery - Thinkers Blend

Composition:  A blend of 7-9 grape varieties from Texas and California fruit;  Non-vintage, released in 2015

Price: $24, we purchased our bottle at The Vintage Cellar in Fredericksburg

Notes:  It's an interesting blend; black fruit up front, then dried fig and dates, lingering tanins and some earthiness.  I wish I knew more about the composition, but then it wound be less of a Thinkers Blend.  I'm starting to see this one around more, pointing to increased distribution.  My favorite from them is still the Texas Tannat, albeit at a little higher price point. This is a nice intoduction to Bending Branch's wines at a friendly price point.

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