Monday, March 28, 2016

WSET Level 1 Class at The Texas Wine School

I've been interested in taking a formal wine education classes for a while, and after some research I decided to take the Wine & Spirit Education Trust's Level 1 class at The Texas Wine School in Houston.  I've read endless articles on wine and have visited dozens of wineries, but some formal education is a good way to fill in the gaps.  The class consisted of 3 3-hours sessions, a very manageable time commitment.  Each session consisted of some lecture intermixed with tasting 6 wines.  The lecture was very informal, giving good opportunity for student participation.  Topics included grape varieties, the wine making process, tasting technique, wine and food pairings, as well as social responsibility.  There was a 30 question multiple choice test the end of the 3rd session.  A score of 70% or higher was needed to achieve the WSET Level 1 Award.  With a little studying the test wasn't too difficult.  The WSET Level 1 class is a good introduction to formal wine training for the wine enthusiast as well as people beginning their careers in the wine industry.

The Texas Wine School

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