Monday, March 28, 2016

Val Verde Winery - 2013 Tempranillo

Composition:  100% Texas Tempranillo

Price: About $30 at The Vintage Cellar in Fredericksburg.  Some Whole Foods carry Val Verde wines. 

Notes: Val Verde is the oldest winery and Texas, and they make a nice selection of great wines.  They were founded in 1883 in Del Rio where they still operate.  They survived Prohibition by making for the Catholic Church, so it seemed like a fitting bottle to enjoy on Easter Sunday at our big family meal.  It's a medium-bodied Tempranillo with soft-medium tannins.  It has a nice balance of red fruit, especially cherry, and earthiness.  If you can't make it to Del Rio, The Vintage Cellar in Fredericksburg is a great place to try their wines and learn more about their history.       


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