Saturday, February 27, 2016

2015 Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association Conference

We had the opportunity to attend the 40th annual TWGGA Conference in Frisco, which turned out to be a great event not just for those in the Texas wine industry but for enthusiasts as well.  The conference spans 3 days; full of talks, symposiums, trade show, and several special dinner events.  It is quite accessible for the Texas wine enthusiast with a wide variety of participation options.  Being our first year we just attended the Saturday events, which provided a good gateway for the conference.  Early registration Saturday passes were only $75 per person.  We got to attend several coffee talk sessions, did a lot of walking and talking through the trade show space, attended a lunch where we had the opportunity to meet some winery owners, as well as participate in a very interesting Blanc Du Bois Symposium.  Trying 5 Blanc du Bois wines made in different styles while listening to experts in the industry discuss the potential of this grape variety was a excellent way for us to finish out experience at the conference.  

TWGGA offers "Friend of TWGGA" memberships for non-industry consumers for $35 (individual) to $50 (couple).  It's a great way to support the Texas wine industry as well as get an inside track on Texas wineries and vineyards.

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