Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Locations - TX

Composition:  88% Texas fruit made up of Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsaut, Syrah and Grenache;  12% California fruit made up of Bordeaux red varietals and Petite Sirah.

Price: About $25.00 at HEB.  This was a limited production wine that's been sold out for a while now.  Hopefully we'll get a new run in 2016.  If you find a bottle, pick it up!

Notes:  The Locations wine label is a series of wines from winemaker Dave Phinney who's claim to fame came from his Orin Swift label.  Orin Swift's The Prisoner developed a cult following going from a prize find to wide availability, even found at supermarkets with good wine selections.  Phinney sold The Prisoner and the other Zinfandel-heavy wines from Orin Swift a few years ago and started the Locations label with a goal to make wines with the best expressions of a wine region with an approachable price point.  Phinney partnered with Kim McPherson on the first bottling of Locations TX, an excellent choice in picking someone to learn about Texas wine.  I'm a huge fan of McPherson's wines.  Dave Phinney's wines typically are highly extracted, have high alcohol level, and carry lots of fruit.  Locations TX lives up to what one would expect from a Dave Phinney wine on all aspects.  It's great seeing Texas wine get this kind of attention from a nationally, if not worldwide, known winemaker.  Hopefully this is just a first of these kinds of collaborations.  Maybe next year they'll be able to make enough to share with folks outside of Texas!

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