Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saddlehorn Winery

Burton, TX

Visits: July 2016, September 2015, and October 2014

The winery and tasting room are located in a renovated horse barn.

Saddlehorn Winery is located in Burton, just west of Brenham off of Highway 290.  They grow both Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish in their vineyards.  They make a variety of wines from these grapes; dry and semi Blanc du Bois, a dry Black Spanish, as well as a port-style wine made from Black Spanish.  They fill out their portfolio of wines with fruit sourced from California and Washington.  I really enjoy their estate dry Black Spanish.  This grape is known for producing wines with a very earthy flavor, sometimes even a bit too much so for me.  It's a hearty grape that Saddlehorn does a good job of taming into a balanced red wine that lets the earthiness of Black Spanish shine.

Cross the old steel bridge to get to the winery

In the tasting room

Tasting menu (July 2016)

View of production area from the tasting room 

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