Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wild Stallion Vineyards Harvest Day

Wild Stallion Vineyards is located in Spring, TX.  They have a few acres of Blanc du Bois vines on their property.  While they aren't open for regular tours and tastings, they host a lot of events including concerts featuring local bands throughout the year.  We had the opportunity to help with their harvest this year.  We got to harvest clusters of Blanc du Bois through several rows of vines over the course of a few hours.  They had a great showing of volunteers and completed their harvest in record time.  Getting some hands on time with the grapes makes you really appreciate the amount of work and challenges that go with growing grapes in Texas.


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. It is good to see wineries growing their own grapes instead of importing all their juice. Growing grapes in the Texas gulf coast is a challenge.

  2. We're thinking about trying to grow some Blanc du Bois in our backyard next year, mostly just to tinker around. We're going to go to Haak soon. Their one of the pioneers of Blanc du Bois in the Texas gulf coast.