Friday, July 3, 2015

Pontotoc Vineyard

Fredericksburg, TX

Visits: March 2016, and May 2015

Right on Main St. in Fredericksburg

This was our first visit to the Pontotoc Vineyard Weingarten, as our last visit was done when they shared a space with Ranch Road Roasters just a few buildings down Main St.  Their new home in Fredericksburg in a historic building fits the historic nature of Pontotoc, TX.  Be sure to ask the tasting room staff about the history of Pontotoc and the winery.  It's a very interesting story.  Tastings are done at the bar in the tasting room, or you can enjoy a glass of wine outdoors in the large weingarten space.  Don't miss the the stairs down to the cellar room for a fun photo op.  Spy Rock was our favorite of their wines on our first visit, but they happened to be sold out on the day of our last visit.  The estate Tempranillo was our favorite this time around.

The wine list in March of 2016

Stairs down to the cellar

Yes, a real cellar room!

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